• SYK Corp. a licensed dispatching company in Tokyo, Japan. Mainly serving hotels for their repairs and regular maintenance requirements. 

  • As a human resource, we introduce local and foreign workers with proper visa depending on our clients required qualifications and needs.

  • We introduce Filipino workers under the status of residence "specified workers" in any industries. 

  • We are also a registered support organization which not only assists companies to fill up their foreign position demands, but act primarily on clients behalf for documentations, application to necessary government institutions, assistance on  of eligibility & visa processing, orientation, preparation before entry to Japan, airport pick-up, contract contents consultations, foreign workers living, working and social support 24/7,
















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​〒 151-0051 Tokyo-to Shibuya-ku Sendagaya 5-21-8 Yoyogi No. 10 Shimoda Bldg. 3F 

Tel: +81 (03)-6276-7177 FAX: 6662-8874

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