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About Endeavour

Company Profile

Corporate Name:   SYK Corporation 

President :  Akinori Suzuki   

Established :  May 2, 2003 

Capital : 28M Yen

Employees : 24 regular employees


     3F Yoyogi No. 10 Shimoda Bldg. 5-21-8

     Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan 151-0051,        HR Div. Phone: +81-3-6276-7177

Okinawa Office:

     402 Samaria Kume Bldg. 1-17-1 Kume, 

     Naha City, Okinawa, Japan 900-0033

     Phone: +81-98-963-9175

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Our process

As a a registered support organization, licensed recruitment agency, and licensed human resources we pride ourselves to attend to our clients unique demands. ​From local human resources and recruitment to foreign workers under the "Specified Skills" visa category. With and option of providing complete support to foreign workers before and after entry in Japan.

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Our obligation

Creating a  balance for the satisfaction of accepting organization and the foreign workers is our major aim.  After a series of screening and lot of procedures, we assists the accepting organization until the foreign workers entry to Japan. 

It is our obligation to supervise and support your company 's foreign workers needs for smooth, faster, and hassle-free procedure.

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